Manu Es Torrent Ibiza

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about "Manu"


Born in 1947 Manu Amoros grew up in Alicante, Spain until he was 16. By then he became a traveller for many years.  Being a philantroph and a believer in tolerance he had to leave the mainland of Spain in 1969 to escape from Franco's dictatorship. At this time many refugees either left the country while others hid on the small undeveloped Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Manu has chosen Ibiza at that time.

Having arrived on the Island he was a part of the hippy scene of these days and made a living from creating fashion for the growing community on the small Island. He owned several different labels for leather, accessories, scarf. Finally also  "Manu Es Torrent Ibiza" was born. 

Finally he settled in the area of Es Cubelles - today known as one of the hippest areas on the island. But when he found his mansion in Es Cubelles in the early 70ties only the ibizenco rabbit and the cicada where local residents.

On this mansion he is still living today. Over the years he created a place of freedom and peace and is living in harmony with the ever changing nature of the white island. Visitors experience a true connection to nature. Manu says about his home:"You have to respect nature and understand her heart. Only then you experience true happiness."  Influenced from his extensive journeys in South East Asia, Middle, South America and Far East he is a believer in a peaceful life between humans and with the nature around us. Peace, Love and Tollerance is what he stands up for. Wearing the collection of Manu Es Torrent Ibiza will give you access to Manu’s way of life.